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You can leave a legacy to CASA of El Paso by bequest in your will, or in your trust, or retirement plan.

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Gifts of Stock

Gifts of stock are another way to make a difference to children across Texas. CASA of El Paso accepts gifts of stocks, bonds or mutual funds.


In December 2015, Congress passed a law allowing you to give up to $100,000 to charity directly from your individual retirement account (IRA) when you are over 70 ½ years old without counting the distribution as taxable income. This type of charitable gift is called a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD). Please consult your financial representative to maximize the benefits of charitable giving.

CASA of El Paso is a 501(c)(3) public charity. All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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You can name CASA of El Paso (or co-beneficiary) on an existing life insurance policy. In the event of your death, CASA of El Paso receives the proceeds of the policy as a bequest. If you also make CASA of El Paso owner of a paid-up policy and relinquish all rights of ownership, you may be able to claim an income tax deduction for the cash surrender value.


CASA of El Paso was pleased to announce the establishment of the CASA of El Paso, Inc Endowment Fund in 2011. We are extremely grateful for our first endowment donations which were made in memory of Marcy A. Aboud, a champion of children’s causes. We are excited about our greater ability to help El Paso’s abused and neglected youth.

By donating to the Endowment Fund, you are making a lasting difference in the life of an abused and neglected child. This fund will not only assist us with our current demands but will continue to support us for years to come.  If you are interested in making a lasting contribution for both today and the future, please consider the CASA Endowment Fund.

Donations can be made online or sent to our offices at 221 N. Kansas Street, Suite 1501, El Paso, TX 79901. Please designate ‘Endowment Fund’ with your contribution.